Christian Women and Shopping Habbits

Many women of all ages love to shop.  A lot of them even shop to make themselves happy and temporarily forget about their problems.  I myself used to be one of them, and I know some that still do.  There’s no doubt that for many women, shopping gives them a quick feeling.  It can even be like a temporary high.

As Christian women this is wrong for several reasons.  Excessive shopping and spending is gluttony, which is a sin.  Not turning to God for comfort and refuge is also a sin.  There’s also the fact that there’s nothing physical on this earth that we can take to heaven with us. It’s also selfish and shows a lack of self control.

Shopping can be a lot of fun, but there are plenty of others ways we can be happy that will make God happy too.  Such things include volunteering time or services, worshiping God, praying, helping frends/family, giving to those in need, taking care of our health, etc.

Constantly shopping for things that are unneeded only leads to an empty wallet, and the happiness eventually fades away.  The devil likes to tempt and test us, and shopping is a way he likes to test the will power and self control of many women.

If you have a constant shopping habit, remember that it’ll only leave you with a room or rooms full of clutter and a empty bank account.  Look to God to make you happy not malls and stores.


Christian Women and dating non-Christian men

Normally Christian females date Christian men.  However, there are those who end up dating non-Christian men.  There is nothing wrong with having non-Christian friends, and God calls us to make fishers of men.  However, a relationship, especially one where there’s the hope of marriage is different then a friendship.

A boyfriend or fiance is the person a female spends most of her time with and the human she turns to the most.  Women who chose to date need men who will help them grow and become stronger in their relationship with God.  Christian women who date non-Christian men will only end up being hindered in their relationship with God, and may even grow apart from God.

Sometimes women will date men in hopes of changing them or in hopes that they’ll change on their own.  Men do change, and they learn and grow throughout their lives.  This does not mean that a women should be with a man hoping that he’ll turn to Christ.  A women waiting around for a man to turn to Christ is only wasting her time.  It’s fine to keep in touch with a man and date him if he becomes a Christian, but life is short and there are plenty of Christian men out there.

Christian women need to be true to themselves and their relationship with God.  A relationship with God is more important then any other relationship, and no man is worth ruining that relationship.  Who am I to speak about this subject?  I dated a non-Christian man for many years.  Believe me ladies, it isn’t worth it at all.



Happy Easter everyone!  Today we celebrate the day that Jesus rose from the dead.  During Easter we celebrate Gods triumph over death, and we celebrate the fact that God can do anything.  Gods value and reverence for life is shown through his death and resurrection, and this is something believers must remember all year round.

I’m currently going through several struggles in my life.  There were times last year that I just didn’t want to live anymore.  There were times when I wondered if it would be best to end my life.  I have been a Christian all my life but didn’t know how much more I could struggle.  Then I gave my burdens to God and strengthened my faith in him.  I knew that He didn’t want me to kill myself and I knew that he is only building me up for great things.  If God can overcome death, there’s nothing He can’t help me overcome.  God loves me enough to have died for me, and he loves me enough to bring good things in his timing.  Gods love for me has kept me strong and has been my reliable rock.  God has also put great people in my life that I can talk to and rely on for encouragement.

Sometimes I’m ashamed of myself since I know that none of my struggles are as hard as the struggles Jesus faced during his crucifixion and resurrection, but I have asked for his forgiveness.  Jesus was scared of facing the cross and thought about backing out of it.  I decided to follow  the example He set and face my hardships head on.  God gave me my life and He’s the only one who has the right to take it away.

Things are finally starting to look up for me now.  I know that things are only going get better.  Gods will is unfolding in my life, and it will keep unfolding forever. I still don’t know what the future has in store for me, but God will exceed my expectations.  Always remember that God loves you and that your life is precious.