Christians and knee jerk reactions

We all have knee jerk reactions from time to time.  This is especially true for females since    they tend to be more emotional then men.  Many times these knee jerk reactions can be strongly worded, physical, or some kind of atypical reaction.

Before having a knee jerk reaction, stop and think.  Take a moment to cool down before doing or saying anything rash or hasty.  Thing about how Jesus would respond to a similar circumstance.  If he wouldn’t respond in such a way, you shouldn’t either.  Also remember that God is watching you even if no one else is.

A lot of the  time, the thing that will cause us strong emotions isn’t even worth having a knee jerk reaction over.  It’s also important to remember that an initial response may not even be the right one to have, especially if all the facts aren’t there. As Christians we’re called to   be kind, gentle, and slow to strong reactions just like Jesus was.


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