More on Shopping

Shopping is a serious issue, so it deserves a second posting.  This is a issue I feel strongly about because I’ve seen a lot of it.  Suze Orman herself says that the less you feel the more you spend.  This means that the less you feel about yourself the more money to spend.  This is especially true for females.  There is no reason to feel like less because we are all creations of God.  We are all loved by God, and have a great value to Him.

There may be times when we feel unachieved or underaccomplished.  There may be times in our lives when things just aren’t going right.  God puts us through trials to make us stronger in our faith and He even tears us down so he can build us up stronger.  There are no excuses to spend money recklessly or spend money as part of a therapy.  In the end spending money is a quick fix and normally ends up in regret.  God is the only therapy we need.


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