Eating and Giving Thanks

I’m working on a new habit of praying before I eat at least once a day.  It’s important to give thanks to God and it’s important to pray as well.  Giving thanks and praying helps a relationship with God strengthen and grow.  God is the one who provides us with everything and makes sure our needs are taken care of, and it’s important to remember this.

It’s important to be thankful for the things we have and not take them for granted. Thanksgiving is not just for holidays, it’s for every day. Many of us don’t know what it’s like to go without food or water, but we must be appreciative.  We must also think of those who have to go without and pray for them and help them in any way we can.

Whether you give thanks before or after you eat, it’s important to give thanks.  Whether you give thanks in your heart or out loud, God will hear it.  If you’re ashamed of talking to God at work, take into account that God is ashamed of those who are ashamed of him.  It can even be a way to reach out to those who don’t know God and make fishers of men.  I can only speak for myself but my food tastes better when I give thanks for it.


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