This Election Season Elect God

It’s an election year and Mitt Romney has just announced his running mate Paul Ryan.  The democrat and republican parties are emphasizing how crucial this election year is but is it really?

This election season don’t worry about electing a candidate.  Elect God.  When you elect God you made a choice that lasts all eternity.  When you elect God you place him before all worldly things.  Once you’ve elected God he’ll make sure that all your personal needs are taken care of forever.

Why else should you elect God?  God is the creator and ruler of the earth.  One day the earth will be gone and there will be no more presidents, rulers, or monarchs.  Elect God because the future of the world and your future is in his hands.

No matter who you vote for this election season or if you decide to not vote make the choice to vote for God in your life this election season.


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