Was Jesus a “Christian?”

A follower of my blog asked if Jesus was a Christian.  Since a Christian is someone who follows Christ, he was technically not a Christian.  A Christian also refers to humans and humans are imperfect.  Jesus Christ was the son of God who was perfect so that he could die for our sins.

Jesus does not expect any of us to be perfect, he only wants us to love God and each other, and to spread the word of God which we are to follow.  What is Gods word?  To believe in him and accept Jesus as our lord and savior.  As for sinning, we are also told to genuinely repent, and call on God when we’re tempted.

“Christian” is not a term that was used or created by Jesus.  Does he care if we call ourselves Christians or not?  Would he tell us to call ourselves Christians? He only cares about our actions, not how we define ourselves.  Terms like “Christian”, ‘Catholic”, “Presbyterian,” etc. are just labels.  There are many assumptions and stereotypes associated with religious terms that can be helpful.  Such things include the “good Christian”, Christians are perfect, and that Christians are completely dull and boring.  Personally I do call myself a Christian but I use the term loosely.  More often then not I prefer to just call myself a believer.  No, Jesus was not a Christian, but it doesn’t even matter.


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