Christians and late bloomers

God has different plans for us all.  His plans for people come to fruition at different times in their lives.  It’s not a bad or good thing, it’s just how things are.  God has some people be early bloomers and some people be late bloomers.

I happen to be a late bloomer.  In fact, I still haven’t even fully bloomed yet.  It can be very hard being a late bloomer.  It’s difficult not to ask questions like when will things get better? Why is God letting me suffering so long? Is my future going to be ok?  Sometimes rough patches feel like they’ve lasted forever and are never going to end.

God cares about everybody, and he cares about late bloomers too.  God blesses all of his followers, but some of them get their blessings later in life.  During the wait for things to fall into place God is always there.  God has always been there with me in my waiting, and I know that he’s not going to leave me.

Late bloomers are not lazy, dumb, stupid, selfish, they’re just on the longer road in life.  We’re all God’s people no matter when we bloom in life.  We will all bloom in this life, we just have to keep the faith and believe that we will.


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