God is Great

God has been really great to me lately!  My faith in him is only getting stronger.  As my pastor says, there is nothing you can do but believe.  It can be hard at times, but He’s there and He provides.

Sometimes God will allow bad things to happen to you but he’ll never let more bad things happen then you can handle.  God knows that we all have pain thresholds and he won’t let that threshold be crossed.

We may not feel that God is great when bad things happen to us, but God is great.  God does not pile up bad things on us, and he knows that there are times when we can’t handle any more bad things.

God comes through for us when we need him the most.  God knows what we truly need, and He always makes sure that we get them.  The best way to get things from God is to come to him with our needs.

God always loves us, and God is great.  It’s easy to feel Gods love if you want to feel it.  God never fails us when we need him the most.  Even when things aren’t great for us, God is building us up for great things.


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