The Best Way To Pray

The best way to pray is down on your knees.   That doesn’t mean it’s the only way to pray or that it doesn’t mean anything to God if it’s not on your knees but it does help and there are times when it’s best.  Biblical characters got down on their knees and prayed to God.  If it worked for them it’ll work for us too.  Such characters included Elijah, Daniel, Stephan, and Paul.

Earlier in the week I had a situation with my cat.  She needed to go to the vet but I had no money to take her.  I got down on my knees because it was a very serious matter to me.  I wanted to humble myself before God with my request so I got down on my knees.  Three days later she actually got to go to the vet and everything is fine now.

I still pray sitting down before every night but there are times when I’ll want to pray down on my knees too.  Would God have still answered my prayers if I didn’t get down on my knees?  He still may have, but God gives to those who humble themselves.  I really wanted to cry out to God so I cried to him on my knees.

For the most dynamic prayer time with God and the most dynamic results get down on your knees and pray.  Don’t forget to be humble as well.  It’s best to come to God broken and in despair.  God knows that those who are broken and in distress need him the most.


2 thoughts on “The Best Way To Pray

  1. Down on my knees, that is where my walk began 23 years ago all most 24 now. I cannot count how many time I have been there but I’m sure our Abba Father knows all the times. It is getting a little harder to get there now with time adding to my age it takes a little longer to get down and even longer too arise.
    My next post is about my grandson and his prayers for our cat, if I ever get it done. It is ok to pray for our pets after we have been given charge to care for them. Amen. James

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