Waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right

Many Christians want to have a godly wife or husband.  A lot of time Christians keep praying for a spouse to no avail.  While they’re waiting these Christians will continue to complain about being single.  In order to receive a mate, you have to be patient and not complain.  It can be hard but we need to have the right attitude in order to be ready for marriage.  After all, nobody wants to marry a person who is always bitter and complaining.

While a Christian is waiting on his or her mate he or she needs to spend time with God and develop a better relationship with him.  It’s important to know what Gods plans are for your future before deciding to settle down.  It’s also important to work on improving yourself and becoming a better person.  If you want to have a terrific spouse, you have to be someone who can be a terrific spouse as well.

While you’re waiting on your future mate, just be content and happy with Gods will.  Be happy with the work that God has given you and do it happily.  Who knows, maybe you’ll even get lucky and meet your special someone while you’re out there serving him.   Be content in serving the Lord who wants to love you and provide for you.  Even if a mate never shows up, it doesn’t matter at all.  What matters is that you’re going to heaven when the time is right.

Have faith and trust in Gods timing.  God will bring you your mate when the time is right.  Enjoy being single while you can and utilize the time to strengthen your relationship with God.  You probably won’t have as much time to spend working on your relationship with him after you get married   Enjoy being single and having all your time to yourself while you can.  Being single does have its good parts too so just enjoy them.


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