Christians and Giving

It can be hard to be a giver, especially when we prefer to be receivers.  We may think that we don’t have anything to give.  Even if we think we don’t have money to give, the truth is t hat we do.  God always gives to those who give to others.  In fact, God gives to us faster then we can give it away.  Even if you’re not at a place where you feel comfortable giving money, there are other things that you can give.  You can give your time, talents, prayer, advice, an ear to listen, etc.  Even saying the right thing to someone at the right time can change their world!

Giving to others is a way to show them love and have a connection with them.  In fact, God calls us to give to others.  Holding onto money and not giving it away is a sign of not trusting God.  When a person doesn’t trust God, God can’t give anything to him or her.  Giving to others is a blessing in more ways then one.  It’s a blessing to the person who receives, and it’s also a blessing to the givers relationship with God.  God will also bless us with good things when we give to others.

A giving heart is that kind of heart that God wants us to have.  A giving heart is caring, selfless, and compassionate.  God gave us his one and only son.  The least we can do is give to others and let God replenish us in return.

I will end this post with a bible verse:”For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me into your home” – Matthew 25:35.


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