Calling God “Father”

I am now reading a book called Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller.  My next few blogs will be related to the book with a random bible verse or two thrown in.  To start I’d like to discuss the word father.  In the begging of the book Miller states that he wonders why God wants to be called “Father” when so many fathers abandon their children.

Why does God want to be called “Father?”

The Oxford dictionary defines a father as “an important male figure in the origin and early history of something” and “a man who provides care and protection.”  God isn’t a man, but he did create man in his image.  Since he created man, he is the “father” of mankind.  No one provides for us or cares for us like God does.  There are also many verses in the Bible where he states that he wants to protect and comfort us.  While there are a lot of fathers who do abandon their children, there are many great fathers out there.  Calling somebody father is a term of respect and honor.  Nobody deserves our respect or honor more then God does.

Jesus himself called God his “Father” in the New Testament.   Jesus wants us to follow and live by his example so if he called God “Father” there is no reason why we shouldn’t call God “Father.”

My final thought for this blog post – God wants to make up for absent fathers and have a loving and forever lasting relationship with us.  Like a true father should, God will always be there for us and never abandon us.


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