God and Food

After having a nice delicious lunch I decided I want to write my next blog about food.  Food is something many Americans take for granted.  In fact, many Americans have so much food left over that they just throw excess food away.  As Christians we are called to love and think of others.  Instead of throwing the extra food, donate it to a church or food bank.  God also wants us to pray for those who are hungry and malnourished as well.  I normally pray for the hungry as part of my prayer before I eat.  Do you?

Far more important than physical nourishment is spiritual nourishment.  After all, we can’t get to heaven unless we lead Godly and spiritual lives.  To gain spiritual nourishment we must turn to God.  God also provides for our bodily nourishment as well.  I am finding myself hungrier for spiritual nourishment as my walk with God continues and I pray that you are too.