Since it’s Easter I wanted to do a blog post about Easter and the resurrection.  Jesus died for our sins on the cross.  Not only did he die on the cross, but he overcame death and rose from the dead three days later.  

We normally think of death as a sad thing, but the death of Jesus was not a sad thing.  He had to die for our sins so that we can have eternal life in heaven.  Jesus didn’t stay dead and if we accept him and follow his will we won’t stay dead forever.

God promised us eternal life in heaven if we want it.  God also gave us his Son so that we can have a way to get to him.  As Jesus said in the bible, no one is going to get to God unless they go through him.

Why did Jesus die on the cross for us?  The answer is simple, because he loves us.  I know a lot of people think that they’re unworthy of Gods love, but it’s not the case.  God created us in his image.  God commands us to love one another because he himself is love.

As Christians we can rejoice and say that Jesus is alive.  We can celebrate God and Gods triumph over sin.  In fact, God calls us to share the news of the death and resurrection of Christ.

God bless you and have a great Easter!