9 Powerful Words

“Nothing compares to the promise I have in you.”  Those are lyrics from my favorite spiritual song Shout To the Lord.  They’re some of the most powerful and truest words there are.

Gods promise to us is heaven and Gods promise to us is salvation through his son Jesus.  We don’t have to do anything special to earn it, we just have to believe in God and the cross.  God has given us the promise that our sins will be washed away if we ask for forgiveness, and there is no greater promise.

Gods promise of an eternal life in heaven is better than any promise that anyone can make us. It’s a promise that lasts forever and ever.  It’s a promise that can’t be taken away from us.  God has promised us a home where we’ll be happy and pain free for all eternity, and no promise can be better.

When times are down, I always think about this promise.  It’s a promise of all things that are good and holy.  It’s a promise that makes all the bad things and troubles of the world not matter at all.  I hope that you’ll think about Gods promise too when things are bad for you. 


Busy With Gods Plans

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted but things have been crazy for me lately.  I have recently moved and am working on making big progress with my professional life.  I am also going back to church regularly now so I am also making progress with my spiritual life as well.  

It had been a slow and unproductive two years for me but now I’m smack dab in the middle of Gods plans for me.  I don’t know what they fully are yet but it’s exciting watching them unfold.  When God wants his plans to get going for you, they really do get moving.  It really is amazing how fast God can work, and obviously everything about God is amazing.

if you’re waiting for Gods plans to unfold in your life, be patient and keep praying.  Always remember to keep your prayers specific since God wants you to tell him exactly what you want.  Once Gods plans do start to unfold in your life, you’ll have an amazing support system of fellow Christians to guide you and encourage you.