God wants to hold and love us

This wasn’t my initial idea but as I hold my cat Cookie and get ready to type inspiration hits me.  Holding Cookie and thinking about God makes me think about how much God loves us and wants to hold us in my arms.  Yes, I am literally holding Cookie and typing at the same time.

Cookie tries to escape my arms from time to time.  We humans want to escape from Gods arms sometimes too,  Why do I want to hold Cookie?  Because I love her.  God being more loving than we can even imagine wants to hold us, embrace us, and show  us his love even more.

When you love someone you want to hold them and be with them.  You want to have a close, deep relationship with that person.  This is how God feels about each and every one of us.  The beautiful thing about God is that he has enough room in his arms for us all.

Are you going to surround yourself with Gods love and embrace or are you going to keep trying to escape?


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