Why a great tribulation?

Last week I did a blog post about the great tribulation. Now I’d like to add on to those thoughts.  Again, it can be quite scary to think about such tribulations.  A lot of Christians mistakenly believe in the pretribulation rapture because they don’t think God would let Christians suffer so much.  Remember that God allowed his son to suffer on the cross for us because he loves us so much.

The great tribulation is going to be a final test for the Christians left on earth.  The great tribulation is going to strengthen and fortify the Christians that are living.  ‘The great tribulation is going to be the final fertilizer before the harvest.  You’re familiar with the parables Jesus told about the mustard seed and the wheat in the field right?  He was talking about the great tribulation.

Can you harvest your seeds(AKA Christian people) before they’ve fully sprung? No you can not.  While the tribulation will lead some astray from God, it’ll lead many people to God.  As God has promised us, he will be there with us during the time of the great tribulation.


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