Pets are a blessing from God

It’s my cats seventh birthday today and I’m thinking about how happy she makes me and what a joy she has been in my life. She has been in my life since she was just three and a half months old.

She has been with my during my sad times and happy times.  When I was deep into my depression I would love to listen to her purr.  It would soothe and comfort me.  I still love to hear her purr when I’m stressed or just have a bad day.

My cat is a gift from God indeed.  She greets me when I come home, she is someone for me to bond with, and she gives me unconditional love just as God does. She gives me someone to care for and someone to spoil.

When she had to have two polyps removed God gave me contract work so I could manage to pay for it.  She was on the verge of dying due to the complications but she managed to get to the vet just in the nick of time.  It’s a constant reminder that if God makes sure a animal is taken care of and provided for, I a human will be proved for all the more.

It’s also a reminder to focus on the simple things in life and not worry.  A pet enjoys the simple things in life and we humans should too.  They just live in the moment and are happy with what they have. How much happier and easier would our lives be if we were the sane way?