We Chose Death Jesus Chose Life

Easter is a time when we celebrate the fact that Jesus died for our sins.  We focus on the fact that Jesus died for our sins so that we can be forgiven.  As humans, we introduced sin into the world back in the garden of Eden.  Death was not a part of Gods original plan for any of us.

The cross is very important to Christianity and is much revered.  We all know that Jesus died for us on the cross so that we can live.  The price for sin was death, and God came to pay that price.  Yes, our human bodies still die, but then we are resurected and our souls go to heaven.  This is the same thing that happened to Jesus.

Yes, that is right! The story of Jesus and Easter do not end on the cross.   Jesus came back from the dead and is very much alive today.  Jesus conqered the grave and overcame death.  We can too!  All we have to do is believe in him and follow him.

Easter is the day we celebrate the greatest day in history!  God loves us and wants us to have eternal life with him.

Happy Easter to all!!




Its been a while

Yes, I know it has been a long time since my last post.  I’ve been through some stuff.  Needless to say, I’ve been through some stuff.  Long story short, I has a lot of financial struggles and moved around a lot.  I am now settled in my apartment where I plan to be until God has something bigger and better for me.

Things are still not as good as I want them to be but I know they’re only going to get better.  I know that my worst times are done and behind me.  There were times when I thought things were never going to get better but they did.  I’m greatful for my church and my true friends for helping me make it through my struggles

It was not an easy time to go through.  There where many times I just wanted to give up.  literally, I even had thoughts about ending it all.  Of coarse, those thoughts came from the devil himself.  My trust in God got me through and now I’m looking forward to many good times ahead.  The fight wasn’t easy but God gave me everything I needed to get through.  I’m now a lot stronger and firmer in my faith.