9 Powerful Words

“Nothing compares to the promise I have in you.”  Those are lyrics from my favorite spiritual song Shout To the Lord.  They’re some of the most powerful and truest words there are.

Gods promise to us is heaven and Gods promise to us is salvation through his son Jesus.  We don’t have to do anything special to earn it, we just have to believe in God and the cross.  God has given us the promise that our sins will be washed away if we ask for forgiveness, and there is no greater promise.

Gods promise of an eternal life in heaven is better than any promise that anyone can make us. It’s a promise that lasts forever and ever.  It’s a promise that can’t be taken away from us.  God has promised us a home where we’ll be happy and pain free for all eternity, and no promise can be better.

When times are down, I always think about this promise.  It’s a promise of all things that are good and holy.  It’s a promise that makes all the bad things and troubles of the world not matter at all.  I hope that you’ll think about Gods promise too when things are bad for you. 


Busy With Gods Plans

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted but things have been crazy for me lately.  I have recently moved and am working on making big progress with my professional life.  I am also going back to church regularly now so I am also making progress with my spiritual life as well.  

It had been a slow and unproductive two years for me but now I’m smack dab in the middle of Gods plans for me.  I don’t know what they fully are yet but it’s exciting watching them unfold.  When God wants his plans to get going for you, they really do get moving.  It really is amazing how fast God can work, and obviously everything about God is amazing.

if you’re waiting for Gods plans to unfold in your life, be patient and keep praying.  Always remember to keep your prayers specific since God wants you to tell him exactly what you want.  Once Gods plans do start to unfold in your life, you’ll have an amazing support system of fellow Christians to guide you and encourage you.


Since it’s Easter I wanted to do a blog post about Easter and the resurrection.  Jesus died for our sins on the cross.  Not only did he die on the cross, but he overcame death and rose from the dead three days later.  

We normally think of death as a sad thing, but the death of Jesus was not a sad thing.  He had to die for our sins so that we can have eternal life in heaven.  Jesus didn’t stay dead and if we accept him and follow his will we won’t stay dead forever.

God promised us eternal life in heaven if we want it.  God also gave us his Son so that we can have a way to get to him.  As Jesus said in the bible, no one is going to get to God unless they go through him.

Why did Jesus die on the cross for us?  The answer is simple, because he loves us.  I know a lot of people think that they’re unworthy of Gods love, but it’s not the case.  God created us in his image.  God commands us to love one another because he himself is love.

As Christians we can rejoice and say that Jesus is alive.  We can celebrate God and Gods triumph over sin.  In fact, God calls us to share the news of the death and resurrection of Christ.

God bless you and have a great Easter!

Give Thanks and Praise on Your Birthday

Birthdays are a blessing from God.  Without God we wouldn’t be born, and we wouldn’t continue to be alive.  Every day of life is a blessing from God.  Birthdays are extra special days since they’re filled with loved ones, good food, and fun.  Birthdays are a day to celebrate life and get to do something extra special.

As Christians we should take the time and remember God on our birthdays.  We should thank him for our lives and for all the blessings that he gives us.  We should also give him praise for creating us in his own image.  He created us to be loving and compassionate beings, and I know a lot of Christians who are.

I normally give thanks to God every chance I get, but I know that I have a lot to be thankful for on my birthday.  I am thankful for being born, I am thankful for the people God has put in my life, and I am thankful for opportunities God has put in my life.

On my birthday I also give thanks and praise for the best birthday present I ever received.  I’m also almost sure that it’s always going to be the best birthday present I’ll ever received.  For nearly 25 years I wished for and waited for a cat. Three years ago for my birthday I finally got the cat I had always wanted.  Needless to say she was the best birthday gift I could have ever asked for.

Christian’s and Birthdays

Since tomorrow is my birthday I decided to do my blog about birthdays.  Birthdays are a day we tend to focus on ourselves and the fact that we were born.  I am guilty of it myself.  As Christians we should take the time to remember that it was really God who created us and made our birth possible.  God is also the one who has been there for us since our births and will be there even after your worldly death.

Normally we make a birthday wish for ourselves every year.  Why do we do this?  Yes, it is our birthday but do we not care about others or the rest of the world?  What do we do with the birthday gifts that we get?  Do we hoard them all or do we share some of it with those who need it more?  Sometimes if I get money for my birthday I’ll donate a little of it to a church or charity.  Last year I shared my birthday gift with my beloved cat.

Sometimes on our birthdays we can get sad thinking about getting older.  Instead of getting sad, I get happy that I’m getting a little closer to being in heaven.  Sometimes we can also get sad that we didn’t get what we really wanted as well.  Remember, God has the ability to give you what you want any day of the year.  Just ask him for it!

Thank you for reading my post and may God bless you with many more birthdays to come!

God and Food

After having a nice delicious lunch I decided I want to write my next blog about food.  Food is something many Americans take for granted.  In fact, many Americans have so much food left over that they just throw excess food away.  As Christians we are called to love and think of others.  Instead of throwing the extra food, donate it to a church or food bank.  God also wants us to pray for those who are hungry and malnourished as well.  I normally pray for the hungry as part of my prayer before I eat.  Do you?

Far more important than physical nourishment is spiritual nourishment.  After all, we can’t get to heaven unless we lead Godly and spiritual lives.  To gain spiritual nourishment we must turn to God.  God also provides for our bodily nourishment as well.  I am finding myself hungrier for spiritual nourishment as my walk with God continues and I pray that you are too.

God Resolves

In the author’s note, Miller ends with “I used to not like God because God didn’t resolve.”  Personally I don’t like that God doesn’t resolve things as fast as I’d like him to, but I have always loved God.

There are many people who don’t like God because of the hardships and bad things that are going on in their lives.  We are human and imperfect so at times we get impatient and frustrated with God.  It’s important to remember that God always loves us and cares about us.  God is there in our hard times even when we can’t feel his presence.

I myself used to be angry at God because of the unresolved things in my life.  This was a long time ago back when I was a teenager.  I then came to the realization that God knows what he’s doing and that everything does happen for a reason.  Since we’re human we can’t understand why God doesn’t resolve things neatly and quickly for us.  However, we have to trust him and keep walking on the path he created for us.

It’s never easy to have unresolved things in our lives, but they happen to everyone.  God  knows what our thresholds are, and he always stays within them because he doesn’t want to give us more then we can handle.  We have to be thankful for the blessings that we have and remember that God is always there waiting for us.  God normally leaves unresolved things in our lives because we’ve fallen off our path and God wants to get us back on the path.

My final thought for this blog post, God will resolve things in ways that we can never imagine.

Calling God “Father”

I am now reading a book called Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller.  My next few blogs will be related to the book with a random bible verse or two thrown in.  To start I’d like to discuss the word father.  In the begging of the book Miller states that he wonders why God wants to be called “Father” when so many fathers abandon their children.

Why does God want to be called “Father?”

The Oxford dictionary defines a father as “an important male figure in the origin and early history of something” and “a man who provides care and protection.”  God isn’t a man, but he did create man in his image.  Since he created man, he is the “father” of mankind.  No one provides for us or cares for us like God does.  There are also many verses in the Bible where he states that he wants to protect and comfort us.  While there are a lot of fathers who do abandon their children, there are many great fathers out there.  Calling somebody father is a term of respect and honor.  Nobody deserves our respect or honor more then God does.

Jesus himself called God his “Father” in the New Testament.   Jesus wants us to follow and live by his example so if he called God “Father” there is no reason why we shouldn’t call God “Father.”

My final thought for this blog post – God wants to make up for absent fathers and have a loving and forever lasting relationship with us.  Like a true father should, God will always be there for us and never abandon us.

Random Bible Verse 2

11 My son, do not despise the Lord’s discipline
or be weary of his reproof,
12 for the Lord reproves him whom he loves,
as a father the son in whom he delights.

Proverbs 3:11-12

It can be easy to despise Gods discipline.  It can be easy to despise God when things go bad in our lives.  We need Gods discipline in our lives or Satan will prevail.

When God disciplines us it means that it’s time to repent and ask him for forgiveness.  It also means that we have fallen off God’s path and need to find our way back onto it.

It can be hard to know that God will rebuke us, but he rebukes us because he loves us.  After God is done reproofing, he always pours favor on us and blesses us.

It’s better to be disciplined and punished by God then have to face an eternity in hell.  Gods discipline is not punishment, it’s simply his way of showing us the errors of our ways and bringing us closer to him. 

Christians and Giving

It can be hard to be a giver, especially when we prefer to be receivers.  We may think that we don’t have anything to give.  Even if we think we don’t have money to give, the truth is t hat we do.  God always gives to those who give to others.  In fact, God gives to us faster then we can give it away.  Even if you’re not at a place where you feel comfortable giving money, there are other things that you can give.  You can give your time, talents, prayer, advice, an ear to listen, etc.  Even saying the right thing to someone at the right time can change their world!

Giving to others is a way to show them love and have a connection with them.  In fact, God calls us to give to others.  Holding onto money and not giving it away is a sign of not trusting God.  When a person doesn’t trust God, God can’t give anything to him or her.  Giving to others is a blessing in more ways then one.  It’s a blessing to the person who receives, and it’s also a blessing to the givers relationship with God.  God will also bless us with good things when we give to others.

A giving heart is that kind of heart that God wants us to have.  A giving heart is caring, selfless, and compassionate.  God gave us his one and only son.  The least we can do is give to others and let God replenish us in return.

I will end this post with a bible verse:”For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me into your home” – Matthew 25:35.