Eating and Giving Thanks

I’m working on a new habit of praying before I eat at least once a day.  It’s important to give thanks to God and it’s important to pray as well.  Giving thanks and praying helps a relationship with God strengthen and grow.  God is the one who provides us with everything and makes sure our needs are taken care of, and it’s important to remember this.

It’s important to be thankful for the things we have and not take them for granted. Thanksgiving is not just for holidays, it’s for every day. Many of us don’t know what it’s like to go without food or water, but we must be appreciative.  We must also think of those who have to go without and pray for them and help them in any way we can.

Whether you give thanks before or after you eat, it’s important to give thanks.  Whether you give thanks in your heart or out loud, God will hear it.  If you’re ashamed of talking to God at work, take into account that God is ashamed of those who are ashamed of him.  It can even be a way to reach out to those who don’t know God and make fishers of men.  I can only speak for myself but my food tastes better when I give thanks for it.


Unconditional Love

If you have pets or had them in the past, you know how they love their owners unconditionally.  They’re loving creatures who don’t judge, criticize, blame or find fault.  Pets are affectionate, devoted, and faithful.  These are the reasons that  owners so attached to their pets.  It’s hard to understand if you’ve never had one yourself, but it’s the truth.  They’re creatures created by God, and they’re just as they were intended to be.  Before falling from grace, humans were sinless and faultless as well.  God loves us all unconditionally, and He wants us to love unconditionally as well.

God tells us not to judge one another and to not hate one another.  In fact, we’re even supposed to love our enemies and show them kindness.  While we may dislike the sin, we should not hate the sinner.  We all sin so it’s not right to hate one person for sins and not another.  It may be hard to love sometimes, but when that happens it’s best to turn to God for strength and comfort.  Next time you feel the desire to hate, think about your pet or a relative or friends pet if you’ve never had one yourself.

Don’t make hasty decisions part 2

A main reason I decided to try getting a masters of art in teaching was foolish pride.  I was told that I can’t become a teacher and that made me angry.  Instead of taking the time to think about what’s best for me, I decided to press on and prove them wrong.   If I never tried to get my masters I would have always wondered what would have happened.  Now I’m left wondering how things would have turned out if I had waited to pursue my  masters of if I had picked a different school.

Don’t let anger, pride, or frustration lead you into making hasty decisions.  Sometimes when people tell you that you can’t do something it’s really God trying to tell you that it’s not part of his plans for you.  I will always regret the choice I made and I can’t take it back.  If I could undo the hasty decisions I made I would in a heartbeat.  The best I can do is move on and hope that others can learn from my mistake.

I constantly regret what I did, but I know it’s not good to harp on the past.  What is done is done so I have to live with it.  Don’t let what other people tell you cloud your mind.  Worry about yourself and your future.   There is a calling that God has for you, and nobody can tell you what it is.     The choices you make will stick with you for the rest of your life, so take the time to think about them and make them wisely.  Take the time to listen to your heart as well, your heart will steer you in the right direction.

Christians and Love for the LGBT

I’ve been hearing a lot of reports on the news lately regarding the lgbt community and hatred.  I don’t condone gay marriage, but I believe that what other people do is none of my business.  Yes, God takes a strong stance against gay acts in the Bible, but what people do is between them and God.  God gave us free will, and what we chose to do with it is our decision.  The Bible also tells us not to judge others.  According to the Bible, we will be judged according to how we judge others.

There are those who say that legalizing gay marriage will only lead to catastrophe.  While this may or may not be true, it’s all in Gods hands.  Perhaps catastrophe is a part of Gods plans.  Does allowing gay people to marry really take away from the sanctity of marriage?  How much sanctity  does marriage have  as a whole these days with all the cheating and divorces anyway?  A marriage between a man and a woman can still be seen as sacred even if gays are allowed to marry too.

The Bible’s biggest commandment is to love one another.  This includes people of all sexual orientations and preferences.  Jesus never hated anyone when he walked the earth, and we shouldn’t either.  No matter who we are, we are all children of God.  We all sin, and all sin is equal in Gods eyes.  Hate the sin but don’t hate the sinner.

Don’t make hasty decisions part 1

This is the one issue I feel most strongly about.  I made this mistake and I am determined to keep others from making it.  I want others to learn from my mistakes and errors since no one should have to go through what I’m going through.

In the summer of 2007 I graduated with a degree in English.  This was after many long years of trying to double major in elementary education as well.  Eventually I flunked out of the elementary education program and finished my degree in English.  At the end of the summer of 2007 I started a masters of arts program in elementary education.  I didn’t give it much thought and even though I have a passion for writing I thought that God was calling me to become a teacher.

The reason I rushed was because I wanted to move on with my life and finally have some success.  I was tired of struggling financially and I figured that the sooner I started making that teacher salary the better.  In the spring 2009 I had my first student teaching attempt and was kicked out halfway through.  It took me two more years but in the spring of 2011 I finally got a second placement.  I ended up being kicked out of the placement after one day.  Since the program only allowed me two chances to student teach I was taken out of the program.  It’s now a little over a year over and while I can most likely have the student loans discharged because I never graduated, my financial situation is still a lot worse then it was back in the summer of 2007.

I’m now left wishing I had gone for a masters in creative writing or English and am left with a lot of personal regret and resentment.  I still hope to get a masters one day and will work hard to try to make it happen.  However, due to my financial situation I don’t know when that will happen.  When the opportunity does come, I will take the time to pick the right school, right major, and right financial options.  If I hadn’t been so hasty I would probably have a masters degree and a good career path now.  There’s a lot of truth in the saying that haste makes waste.

Christian Women and Weight

American society says that women should be thin and skinny.  The media always slams women for gaining weight.  This is even true of pregnant women and it’s plain wrong.  This is kind of ironic since America is the fattest nation and is only becoming fatter.  Still, thin is in and there’s no getting around it.

What does God have to say about this?  He says that our bodies are a temple and that we need to respect and take care of our bodies.  However, this doesn’t mean that we need to become obsessed with our weight.  It’s important to take care of our bodies and our health, but it’s not fine to take it too far.  We must remember that these are only our human bodies.  Once we’re done with these words, we’ll have our eternal bodies which we’ll have forever.

We need to focus our lives on growing closer to God and following his will, not what our bodies look like our how much we weigh.  Women also need to keep in mind that there are all kinds of guys out there.  There are guys who like thin women, some like curvy women, and there are guys who like women with a little meat on their bones.  Always remember that God loves you whether you’re thin, chubby, overweight or fat.

Christian Women and Adoption

In the Bible God does tell us to be fruitful and multiply.  Now we’re a population of seven billion and growing.   We’re fighting for jobs, food, homes, clothes, etc.  Instead of having children naturally, it’s important to consider adoption.  There are women who feel that they won’t be fulfilled unless they have their own biological children.  These women also feel that having their own biological children is very important.  Christian women know that biology is not important to God.  God is the one who creates us all no matter who our mother is.  God calls on us to love one another, and this includes babies and children who need to be adopted.

Adoption saves lives, and provides children with the love and care that they need.  There are many rewards and benefits to adoption.  If you’re interested in having more then one child, there’s no reason why you can’t have your own biological child and also adopt.  If you’re interested in adoption please visit Christian World Adoption at or visit the Christian Adoption Center at

More on Shopping

Shopping is a serious issue, so it deserves a second posting.  This is a issue I feel strongly about because I’ve seen a lot of it.  Suze Orman herself says that the less you feel the more you spend.  This means that the less you feel about yourself the more money to spend.  This is especially true for females.  There is no reason to feel like less because we are all creations of God.  We are all loved by God, and have a great value to Him.

There may be times when we feel unachieved or underaccomplished.  There may be times in our lives when things just aren’t going right.  God puts us through trials to make us stronger in our faith and He even tears us down so he can build us up stronger.  There are no excuses to spend money recklessly or spend money as part of a therapy.  In the end spending money is a quick fix and normally ends up in regret.  God is the only therapy we need.

Christians and knee jerk reactions

We all have knee jerk reactions from time to time.  This is especially true for females since    they tend to be more emotional then men.  Many times these knee jerk reactions can be strongly worded, physical, or some kind of atypical reaction.

Before having a knee jerk reaction, stop and think.  Take a moment to cool down before doing or saying anything rash or hasty.  Thing about how Jesus would respond to a similar circumstance.  If he wouldn’t respond in such a way, you shouldn’t either.  Also remember that God is watching you even if no one else is.

A lot of the  time, the thing that will cause us strong emotions isn’t even worth having a knee jerk reaction over.  It’s also important to remember that an initial response may not even be the right one to have, especially if all the facts aren’t there. As Christians we’re called to   be kind, gentle, and slow to strong reactions just like Jesus was.

Christian Women and Shopping Habbits

Many women of all ages love to shop.  A lot of them even shop to make themselves happy and temporarily forget about their problems.  I myself used to be one of them, and I know some that still do.  There’s no doubt that for many women, shopping gives them a quick feeling.  It can even be like a temporary high.

As Christian women this is wrong for several reasons.  Excessive shopping and spending is gluttony, which is a sin.  Not turning to God for comfort and refuge is also a sin.  There’s also the fact that there’s nothing physical on this earth that we can take to heaven with us. It’s also selfish and shows a lack of self control.

Shopping can be a lot of fun, but there are plenty of others ways we can be happy that will make God happy too.  Such things include volunteering time or services, worshiping God, praying, helping frends/family, giving to those in need, taking care of our health, etc.

Constantly shopping for things that are unneeded only leads to an empty wallet, and the happiness eventually fades away.  The devil likes to tempt and test us, and shopping is a way he likes to test the will power and self control of many women.

If you have a constant shopping habit, remember that it’ll only leave you with a room or rooms full of clutter and a empty bank account.  Look to God to make you happy not malls and stores.