Unconditional Love

If you have pets or had them in the past, you know how they love their owners unconditionally.  They’re loving creatures who don’t judge, criticize, blame or find fault.  Pets are affectionate, devoted, and faithful.  These are the reasons that  owners so attached to their pets.  It’s hard to understand if you’ve never had one yourself, but it’s the truth.  They’re creatures created by God, and they’re just as they were intended to be.  Before falling from grace, humans were sinless and faultless as well.  God loves us all unconditionally, and He wants us to love unconditionally as well.

God tells us not to judge one another and to not hate one another.  In fact, we’re even supposed to love our enemies and show them kindness.  While we may dislike the sin, we should not hate the sinner.  We all sin so it’s not right to hate one person for sins and not another.  It may be hard to love sometimes, but when that happens it’s best to turn to God for strength and comfort.  Next time you feel the desire to hate, think about your pet or a relative or friends pet if you’ve never had one yourself.